recycled leather

The Sway Bax Clutch

The Sway Makes Leather Bags Green | NYC Brand Turns Scraps Into Luxury Handbags

New York label The Sway challenges the notion that leather handbags aren’t green with its upcycled leather accessories. The fashion house...
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Erin Templeton Recycled Leather Bag

Erin Templeton’s Recycled Leather Purses | Canadian Designer Upcycles Vintage Skins

Canadian designer Erin Templeton satisfies eco-conscious shoppers with leather cravings with her signature handbag label. Several accessories in the Erin Templeton...
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Beth Springer Soft T Bag

Beth Springer’s Reclaimed Leather Bags | Eco-Friendly Recycled Handbags

Beth Springer challenges the notion that leather handbags can’t be green with her signature handbag collection. The Californian based designer believes...
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Comme des Garcons The Beatles Tote

Comme des Garcons The Beatles Tote | Apple Spotted Recycled Leather Handbag

Comme des Garcons shows the other labels how to create band merchandise with style with The Beatles tote. This tote features...
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Bywa Edie Bag

Bywa Recycled Handbags | Bag Designer Turns Trash to Treasure

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and few designers believe this adage more strongly than Gwen Cornish....
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El Naturalista Bag

El Naturalista Does Handbags | Green Footwear Line Makes Eco-Friendly Recycled Leather Purses

El Naturalista gets the balance between style and sustainability right with its eco-friendly handbag collection. The Spanish label began as a...
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Pierotucci Fortuna Bag

Pierotucci’s New Fortuna Bag | Convertible Recycled Leather Handbag Brings Good Luck

Italian fashion house Pierotucci has launched a luxury eco-accessory for the ladies and the lads with its Unisex Fortuna Bag. It...
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Gina Michele Bag

Sustainable Handbags from Gina Michele | New York Designer Makes Green Purses from Reclaimed Leather & Suede

New York designer Gina Michele reminds us that sustainable materials can be just as stylish as their less eco-friendly cousins with...
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Poketo Clutch Purses

Poketo’s New Furniture Purses | Small Recycled Leather Accessories

Poketo has teamed up with a South Korean non-profit design firm for its new collection of upcycled leather accessories. Leather is...
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Diana Eng Fortune Cookie Coin Purses

Diana Eng’s New Fortune Cookie Coin Purses | Cute Quirky Recycled Leather Wallets

What does 2011 hold for you? One of these cute new Fortune Cookie Coin purses from Diana Eng might not hold...
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Poketo Recycled Leather Bag

Poketo’s New Recycled Leather Handbags | Eco-Friendly Purses with Shirt Linings

We marveled at the recycled suit jackets released by Poketo earlier this year, but I’m quietly thrilled to see the Los...
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Ashley Watson Auklet

Ashley Watson’s Chic Green Handbags | Recycled Leather Purses from Canada

Eco-conscious handbag designer Ashley Watson proves that green handbags don’t have to look like the rustic hippie tote you see at...
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ReFind Originals

ReFind Originals Bags from Recycled Leather | Reclaimed Clothes Make Green Handbags

Eco fashion is one area where few people agree. Some folks believe that nothing using leather can ever be green, while...
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