Comme des Garcons Tartan Tote | Plaid North/South Style Wool Handbag

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It might be crafted in France, but this Tartan Tote from Comme des Garcons proudly channels Scottish style.

This is a simple woolen tote made more interesting thanks to the bold tartan print. This is no shy, retiring plaid. While Burberry opts for muted tones, Comme des Garcons prefers a bold meeting of red, blue, and white. These vibrant shades combine with the tote’s woolen material to make the bag seem ideal for cooler weather. It might be warm right now, but while the fashion world is looking forward to the next season, why can’t we?

But I really do expect more for my dollar. The design seems too simplistic to command $235, both inside and out. There is no clasp and just a single open pocket, so we don’t get a lot of security or organizational aid. The plain cotton lining is also disappointing in just a dull, boring black.

This is a fun tote to be sure, but nothing that you won’t find cheaper by a lesser known designer. If labels matter you might be able to justify the splurge, but I think I’ll look elsewhere.

More Features of This Comme des Garcons Wool Tote

  • Dual handles with a 6 inch drop
  • Measures 13.5 x 15.5 x 1 inches

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