Clava’s New Carina Bags | Eco-Friendly Casual Coated Canvas Purses

Posted on: Nov 27

Clava Carina Triangle ToteClava has recently gone green with the launch of its Carina Collection.

These eco-conscious bags are crafted from coated canvas and trimmed with vegan leather. These purses don't go as far as many environmentally friendly lines; the zips are all brand new and the carbon footprint from the nylon linings is pretty large. But it's great to see any label making steps towards more environmentally responsible design practices.

The Carina bags have a casual, sporty feel about them, but their appeal goes beyond the aesthetics. The materials are tough enough to last everyday punishment, and waterproof to boot. Most of the day bags are on the large side, with totes, weekenders, and gym bags all part of the range. However the biggest come with matching pouchettes, which zip free of the large bags when you're on the go.

Clava's new Carina bags are priced between $20 and $225. They're available from the Clava website.

[Source: Clava website]

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