Celebrity Designer Handbags Do Whatever it Takes for Charity

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Some of the world’s leading designers and celebrities have teamed up with 21st Century Leaders for Whatever It Takes, a unique charity art project which looks to make a global difference.

The concept is simple. Every participant donates an artwork which symbolizes hope. From this inspiring creative work, “merchandise with meaning” is created. The goods take all forms: clothing, homewares, cosmetics, artworks, and the amazing Bags for Life.

Each beautiful bag is ethically produced using environmentally-friendly fair-trade methods. Then proceeds from the handbag benefits charitable causes specifically chosen by the designer or celebrity who created it.

The Bags for Life collection includes purses from designers Stella McCartney, Georgio Armani, and Alexander McQueen, the multi-talented Gwen Stefani, model Heidi Klum, and soul songstress Joss Stone. They have created bags in a range of styles, shapes and colors to suit all tastes. The stars will distribute the proceeds from their purse sales amongst The United Nations Refugee Agency UNHC and 21st Century Leaders.

The Whatever it Takes philosophy is all about giving a little to achieve a lot. Bags for Life totes start from just £9.99, yet the movement aims to raise at least $3 million over the next three years. If you’d like to help them achieve this goal, make sure you log on to the website to discover these gorgeous bags.

[Image Source: Whatever It Takes]


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