Bulgari Expands Serpenti Line | Luxury Snakeskin Handbags for Fall

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Bulgari Serpenti Bags

Bulgari Serpenti BagsBulgari’s iconic Serpenti line will feature snakeskin handbags for the first time this fall.

Over the past 60 years we’ve admired the Serpenti collection’s jewelry and watches. It only makes me wonder why the purses have taken so long! Now they’re almost here though we can look forward to ultra luxurious accessories made from Karung snakeskin. The natural beauty of this exotic skin is enhanced with a snake pattern and bold jewel colors, including jade, red, and amber. A Serpenti snake head clasp made from black and enamel with malachite eyes completes each opulent purse. The range will also feature a reptilian minaudiere made from cool black enamel.

It should come as no surprise that these luxurious Bulgari handbags will command the big bucks. The smallest snakeskin purse will cost $2100, and the larger version will set you back $2500. If you’ve got your heart set on the minaudiere completing your favorite evening outfit prepare to shell out $4600.

Those are some big prices, but the combined might of Bulgari and its Serpentine line will entice many cashed up bagistas. These aren’t mere everyday accessories after all; they’re collector pieces designed to be handed down to your daughters. Are you tempted?