Bottletop Designs Limited Edition Handbags for (RED)RUSH | Recycled Ringpull Bags for HIV/AIDS Charity

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Bottletop Red Bag

Bottletop Red BagLuxury eco-conscious fashion label Bottletop has teamed up with HIV/AIDS charity (RED) to support this month’s (RED)RUSH fundraising initiative. Bottletop founders Oliver Wayman and Cameron Saul have created three limited edition purses to support the charity drive.

As with all Bottletop bags, the limited edition (RED) purses are handcrafted by women living in the shanty towns of Salvador, Brazil. These women carefully weave recycled ringpulls together to create the distinctive purses. Their work earns them a fair wage and a sense of security uncommon in their violent hometown. The bags are then finished with buttery Bahian leather and crochet accents.

Bottletop is a longtime supporter of AIDS and HIV charities, so it makes sense that it’s involved in this latest high profile campaign. It will donate 10% of the sales from the limited edition (RED) handbags to (RED)’s koffers.

Cynics might suggest that 10% is a measly amount, but it’s important to consider Bottletop’s other work. For a start, it’s paying its artisans much more than they would otherwise earn. The company also uses its funds to help skill young people in Africa, South America, and the United Kingdom through its Bottletop Foundation. I think Bottletop’s already spreading itself pretty thinly, don’t you?

The limited edition Bottletop Foundation (RED) bags are now on sale from Bottletop and (RED)RUSH’s websites.