Bottega Veneta Releases PVC Cabats | Luxury Designer Label Weaves Plastic

Posted on: Jun 6

Bottega Veneta PVC Bags

Bottega Veneta attempts to dress up polyvinyl chloride with its new PVC-Weave Cabat bags.

These Cabats are similar to the leather and exotic ones that we're all familiar with, but instead of luxury materials Bottega Veneta's played with a synthetic skin. Why? Well why not?

I didn't think even a high class label like Bottega Veneta could make PVC look sophisticated, but I'm happy to be proven wrong. The woven finish looks just as luxurious as any of the label's more opulent materials. Bottega Veneta's utilized the synthetic's unique qualities well. What other material comes in a transparent variety? We can choose an all-clear version, or one blended with leather.

I'm just disappointed that Bottega Veneta has passed on little discount to its loyal customers. I understand that Bottega Veneta's put a lot of work into these intricately woven handbags, but PVC is as cheap as chips. Not so the bags though, which cost $4800 for the PVC version, $6350 for the mid-sized leather and PVC one, and a whopping $7,800 for the large alternative!

That's a whole lot of money to spend on a bag made of plastic! What do you think of Bottega Veneta’s latest offerings? And can PVC ever be truly luxurious?

[Source: Bag Snob]

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