Balenciaga Continental Contrasting Wallet | Vintage Crafted Leather Purse

Posted on: May 12

$645 is a lot for any handbag, let alone a small designer wallet. The problem I have with purses like this is seeing past the expensive status symbol price tag, and to the design that lies beneath.

If we forget the price for now, however, then this Continental is actually quite a unique and beautiful wallet. The contrast of colorful floral silk against the undeniably glorious vintage crafted leather not only works in terms of color contrast, but as a great juxtaposition between textures. Thanks to the distinctive looks you could even double this up as a luxury clutch for nights when you don't need to carry much.

Of course, this is more than just a wallet; it features all the compartments and card slots you would expect, but it does have a roomy center section. If you are planning to use this as a full blown handbag, however, then you will no doubt be disappointed, as it will fit only minimal items inside.

Everything about this Balenciaga wallet screams luxury, from the silk to the patent to the cute branded labels; however, is that worth the $645 price tag?

More Features of this Balenciaga Continental Wallet

  • Vintage leather crafting (inside and out)
  • Floral silk exterior
  • Palladium metal hardware

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