Astronaut Buzz Aldrin to Appear in Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign

Posted on: Mar 30

Models or actresses in a fashion ad? That's so last year. Well, maybe not since many brands are hiring some of the industry's best, but I wonder if that's what the marketing crew at Louis Vuitton was thinking when they cast famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin in their latest advertising campaign.

The rumor is that the second-ever moonwalker will appear with his space exploring colleagues Jim Lovell and Sally Ride. Aldrin apparently confirmed his involvement in the upcoming ads while at a recent social affair for Omega in Switzerland.

Of course, even Louis Vuitton can't book the moon's surface for their photo shoot (though I wouldn't put it past them to try). Where does one go to mimic the moon? I guess a desert will have to suffice. As one source confirmed, Aldrin and the cast will be photographed for the campaign by the legendary Annie Leibovitz in a desert somewhere in the U.S.

One thing is sure. With an unexpected, all-star cast such as this combined with the talent of Annie Leibovitz, I'm expecting some stunning photos.

[Source: WWD]
[Image: insidetwit/Flickr]

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