8 Disturbing Reasons Not to Look in a Girl’s Handbag

Posted on: Jun 9

Guys: Have you ever wondered why girls have such big handbags that always appear to be packed with junk?

Your gut reaction might be that she's packed it with toiletries, a wide selection of makeup and a variety of other 'essential' items - but have you ever actually checked?

After reading these stories you might be convinced to never, ever, question what's inside those pretty purses - you might not like what you find, unless of course your girlfriend is Japanese and is carrying a vibrator - then you might be intruiged. But then again she might just be carrying metal pliers which will just leave you confused.

So here are the strange and intruiging finds from the insides of women's purses (and before you ask - no I didn't go rummaging and I definately didn't get arrested).

Cat Urine, Not Meth

CatFlorida police did not believe a woman when she told them a vial in her purse contained dried cat urine, not methamphetamine. It's not surprising really, who carries dried cat urine in their handbag?

But they should have trusted her. She sat in jail for two months until tests proved she was telling the truth. In any case, I think the lesson to learn here is not to carry cat urine around with you, no matter how much you think it might come in useful.GMA News

Dead Dog in Duffel Bag

DogThe loss of a pet can be devastating, but most of us deal with it a little better than Wendy Louise Washum. The employees of a Wendy's restaurant in Colorado found the grieving woman carrying her decaying dead dog in a duffle bag.

But it gets weirder. Wendy told police she thought the dog would come back to life after 13 days. Right.

And if you are going to carry a dead dog around with you, then you should at least want to do it in style with a Louis Vuitton dog carrier, not in a duffle bag! The Denver Channel

Grandma with Grenades

GrenadeNo one would suspect an elderly Russian woman of carrying dangerous weapons, so it's good thing a senior citizen carrying two grenades turned herself in. The graying grandma carried the bombs in her handbag, but decided she should probably hand them in to the police.

And it's a good thing she did! The firing pin mechanism was damaged on one grenade, meaning it could have gone off at any time!
RIA Novosti

Son's Ashes Stolen

Heart boxAmerican Donetta Ernst had only one thought when she discovered her bag had been stolen from her car: her son's ashes.

The grieving mother carried the ashes of her dead three-year-old son in a heart-shaped silver box in her purse.

I guess the thieves are glad she cremated her son, unlike the dog lady! Seriously I can't imagine carrying anything so precious, or so morbid, in my handbag!

Japan's Buzzing Bags

Japanese girlWhat can't Japanese women leave home without? Their wallet? Keys? A cell phone perhaps? No, it seems young Japanese girls won't step out without their vibrator!

Attitudes have changed and the once taboo toys now come in a range of bright colors and cute shapes.

Apparently the adult toys are all the rage amongst young single girls, who don't seem to care if their handbag starts emitting a tell-tale hum.
Asian Sex Gazette

Human Skull in a HandbagSkull

An innocent Canadian woman saw more than she bargained for when she opened an unattended ladies handbag. She was searching for some identification, but instead found a human skull!

The shaken lady took her find to the police, who assured her the skull was not a new specimen. The police have encouraged the owner of the bag, and its bizarre contents, to come forward.
The Seattle Times

Comedian Carries Metal Pliers

Scottish comedian Janey Godley faced a real dilemma when she received her first leatherPliers handbag at 20. She didn't wear makeup, or carry a diary, and she had no need for keys or pens. So what does a woman place inside her pretty new purse. Looking for something to add some weight and bulk to her new gift, Janey settled on an old pair of metal pliers.

There the tools sat until Janey had enough real essentials to tote!
Janey Godley's Blog

Teen Boy Carries Severed Head

BagBut women aren't the only ones stashing strange stuff in their bags. A 17-year-old Japanese boy allegedly killed his mother, then stuffed her severed head in his duffel bag.

He took it with him for a little downtime at an internet café before he turned himself in to the police. I can't imagine the cops' faces when he pulled this grisly specimen out of his tote!
Weird Asia News

Thought those stories were strange? Read these tales of amazing airport encounters to see the bizarre stuff people stash in their suitcases!

Found anything weird in a handbag (or wanted to)? Leave a comment below.

5 Responses

  1. Tracee Sioux Says:

    This was actually very funny.

  2. Myke Says:

    Wow! This is entertaining, funny and a little disturbing post!

    Great infos. Thanks!

  3. Sara Bajger Says:

    Well I was in Law Enforcement Road Patrol for six years and I never came across something like that.

  4. priscilla perales Says:

    im just like those japanese chicks
    i always carry my vibrator wherever i go
    either in mag purse or my backpack i always have it
    and im a 11 year old girl!!!!!!!!

  5. Emily Says:

    Hey. Once i was walking around town with my friend. We stoppedat maccas and she was going up to order then her food and she asked me to look after her bag for her. So iput it on my lap and there was something moving! I looked inside and she had her pet ferret, a pack of condoms (we were 13), a set of tools and some weird herbs (probbably weed) iin a packet. I walked out and didn’t speak to her again.

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