Lady Gaga Rumored to Buy Designer Fakes | British Tabloid Claims Pop Queen Loves Counterfeits

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Lady Gaga

Lady GagaWe tend to take the word of the United Kingdom’s tabloid newspaper Mirror with a grain of salt, but if its latest allegations about Lady Gaga are true the pop queen may put a few fashion fans offside. The rag alleges that Gaga told a group of American fans that she indulges in designer knockoffs.

In Tokyo, they have all these stores that have fake Chanel and Versace. And I’m an Italian from New York, so I still buy it,” the reigning pop queen is quoted as saying. “This jacket is a fake.

It seems unusual that someone that’s so pally with leading fashion designers would spend money on replicas. She’s spoken numerous times of her respect for these creative minds, so it seems hypocritical to act in a way that undermines their business. I’m also sure famous friends like Donatella Versace and Karl Lagerfeld would be only too happy to send a few free samples her way.

It’s also strange that a New Yorker would go to Tokyo for the counterfeits when they’re so prevalent on Canal Street. And exactly what does being Italian have to do with the price of eggs?

Do you think there’s any truth to Mirror’s claims?

[Source: Fashionista]
[Image Source: Gn!pGnop/Wikipedia Commons]