2nd Draft Designs’ Microfilm Handbags | Cute Retro Purses From Recycled Film

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2nd Draft Designs Retro Film Baguette

2nd Draft Designs Retro Film Baguette

We don’t have a lot of need for microfilm and old school 16 mm film in this modern world of DVDs and digital cameras. But Julie Yu is putting the retro materials to good use with her accessories label, 2nd Draft Designs.

Yu launched the business in 2007, when she came across 80 reels of the New York Times microfilm from the sixties and seventies at a vintage craft store. She snapped up all the film, unsure what she’d do with it but certain it could prove useful. She played with the materials for the next three years before settling on the pieces she’d sell through 2nd Draft Designs.

Yu uses the old technology to decorate her handbags, cuffs, and decorative light towers. I love all the pieces, but predictably find the purses the most compelling. The baguettes and clutches feature dramatic shapes and glossy patent leather finishes. The designs are quite classic, but the addition of the rows of microfilm and 16 mm film gives them a quirky retro appeal. I’m sure that you’ll spark quite a few conversations when you step out carrying one of these babies!

2nd Draft Designs accessories and homewares are available from selected American boutiques and the label’s Etsy store.

[Source: 2nd Draft Designs Etsy store]