Vanessa Paradis Models for Chanel Cocoon Handbags Advertisement

Posted on: May 8

When I heard Vanessa Paradis would replace Brit pop brat Lily Allen as the face of the Chanel Cocoon collection, I had no doubt that Johnny Depp's main squeeze would be a perfect fit. She's a Chanel regular after all, and she's been spending time in front of the camera since she was a teen.

But I must admit, I'm not really feeling this black and white campaign. I'd never imagined Vanessa could look so awkward. Her pose might have been meant to show off her new Chanel bag, but does anyone really carry a purse like that? And more to the point, would anyone want to have that particular Chanel handbag hanging from their arm? It's definitely not as stunning as the purses we saw in the fall collection.

At least Karl Lagerfeld seems happy though. He recently said that Vanessa "is the most divine person to work with and to be with."

What a shame this ad campaign doesn't express those good vibes.

[Source: FabSugar]

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