Two’s Company Re-Tire-D Clutch | Eco-Friendly Purse Made From Recycled Tires

Posted on: Jan 25

The eco-friendly green movement has a brand new friend: Two's Company's simple yet elegant handbags.

What makes these purses so environmentally friendly? Well, they are made out of a recycled tire. Yes, you heard me right; in a past life these minimalist bags were none other than car tires! It is hard to believe, but as soon as you touch the Re-Tire-D (geddit?!) clutch you realize that it is indeed made from stitched, tasseled and printed rubber, albeit far more fashionably that you would ever have considered possible!

Of course, we are no stranger to gimmicky bags made from all sorts of unusual materials. If you want peculiar, the handbag market can deliver! Thankfully this recycled tire purse does manage to achieve a certain level of classiness, and the basic design means that it shouldn't be a flash in the pan. Many people won't like the texture, but at least you know that you can stand on it in a lightening storm!

All in all this is a silly yet endearing clutch, which would work as a great gift. The tire print and elegant typography work well to make it slightly more grown-up, and this could make a fashion statement when teamed with studs and drama!

More Features of this Two's Company Eco-Friendly Clutch

  • Made from recycled inner tubes
  • Zipped closure
  • Tasseled zipper
  • Environmentally friendly

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