Timmy Woods Gifts First Lady Michelle Obama with Crystal White House Handbag

Posted on: Feb 28

Timmy Woods made a big impression with her Eiffel Tower bag, carried by Carrie Bradshaw in the original Sex and the City movie. Now she’s turning her attention to another famous landmark.

Timmy will gift First Lady Michelle Obama with a specially designed White House handbag, covered with Swarovski crystals in true Timmy Woods style. I can't wait to see it!

"She is getting a crystal-covered bag from us in the shape of the White House to commemorate her first 100 days as the First Lady," said designer Timmy Woods, who's currently in London to promote her latest kitsch creations.

They include the Winston, a British bulldog that is one of ten limited edition British-themed bags, and a poodle purse resembling her own pampered pooch.

"It's based on my dog Juliet. A lot of movie stars buy the dog bag because if they can't take their dog somewhere, they can take their bag!"

It makes sense to me!

[Source: Grazia]
[Image Source: Dbking/Flickr]

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