Michelle Obama

Alaia Leather Bowling Bag

Alaia Leather Bowling Bag | Simple Downtown Chic Black Black Bag

Azzadine Alaia is a favored designer of both celebrities and dignitaries alike, most notably first lady Michelle Obama. The designer, who...
Tracey Duncan
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Michelle Obama Carries Patent VBH Clutch in Russia | Mistaken for $6K Alligator Version

The White House wants you to know that the First Lady wasn’t toting around alligator skin on a recent trip to...
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VBH Ballerina Bag | Michelle Obama’s Clutch In Black Python

Michelle Obama earned some major fashion cred with bag lovers when she wore the cobalt blue version of this Ballerina Bag...
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Michelle Obama’s Style Showcased in New Book | “Michelle Style: Celebrating the First Lady of Fashion” Hits Stores Soon

By now, it’s nothing new to hear raves about the latest stylish outfit worn by Michelle Obama. Women everywhere are scrambling...
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Designer Vivienne Westwood and First Lady Michelle Obama | A Style Match Made in Fashion Heaven?

Vivienne Westwood has worked with fashion darlings Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, but her next muse could be a world away...
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Timmy Woods Gifts First Lady Michelle Obama with Crystal White House Handbag

Timmy Woods made a big impression with her Eiffel Tower bag, carried by Carrie Bradshaw in the original Sex and the...
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First Lady Michelle Obama Poised to Model for Vogue Fashion Magazine

She’s not even the first lady yet, but Michelle Obama is set to become our next style icon. Fashion bible Vogue...
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