Sustainable Handbags from Gina Michele | New York Designer Makes Green Purses from Reclaimed Leather & Suede

Posted on: Jun 15

Gina Michele Bag
New York designer Gina Michele reminds us that sustainable materials can be just as stylish as their less eco-friendly cousins with her signature fashion line.

The bags and apparel items from Gina Michele are made entirely from green fabrics, including bamboo, organic cotton, and reclaimed suede, leather, and silk. Animal activists may argue that anything using suede or leather can't be truly considered green, but I think Gina Michele makes a compelling argument here. While the creation of new sustainable fabrics emits greenhouse gases, the use of these reclaimed materials has a zero carbon footprint.

The bags are adorned with feathers sourced humanely from a no-kill farm, metal studs, and rope handles. The use of reclaimed hardware and vegetable dyes would make the purses a bit more green, but I still have to admire the measures Gina Michele has taken.

I love the worn-in, weathered appearance of the reclaimed suede and leather on these purses. They're contemporary without slavishly following trends, and relatively affordable considering each one is handcrafted.

The handbags cost as little as $198, and you can get a Gina Michele bamboo jersey dress for just $82. That's a very affordable green outfit by anyone's standards! You'll find these eco-friendly apparel items and accessories at Gina Michele's website and Supermarket HQ.

[Source: Gina Michele website]

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