Santi Chevron Crochet Pouchette | Colorful Sequin Covered Purse

Posted on: Feb 4

Santi Chevron PouchetteSanti takes a break from creating head-turning evening accessories with this Chevron Crochet Pouchette.

There are certainly elements of the Santi we know and love here. The beads and sequins give it a dash of sparkle, but it's not as showy as many of the fashion house's designs. The chevron pattern makes this purse resemble something you might find in a Guatemalan market. The handiwork is every bit as delicate as you'd find abroad, and its colors just as vibrant.

This Chevron Pouchette is very dainty though, so while its soft body will expand a little you shouldn't expect it to hold any more than the barest of essentials. It's a shame the chain strap has to clutter the tiny interior when it's not in use, but we'll be happy for its presence as the day wears on. That small space is a bit limiting for a day bag, but it's perfect for coffee with the girls and other brief outings.

You'd probably find cheaper in that Guatemalan marketplace, but its quality help to justify its $190 price tag.

More Features of This Santi Crochet Pouchette

  • Made of embellished fabric
  • Lined with satiny material
  • A kiss-lock clasp
  • A chain strap with a 24.5 inch drop
  • Measures 6 x 6 inches
  • Made in India

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