Prada’s Surreal Fall Advertising Video | Designer Launches “Real Fantasies”

Posted on: Sep 9

Prada is the latest fashion house to get artistic when advertising its new season collection. The Italian label has released this video to promote its fall fashion range.

It's called Real Fantasies, a name which is only somewhat appropriate. There's certainly a fantastical element to the video, but it's not like any of the real fantasies I've had. The purses would certainly feature in my dreams, but they'd probably be in a less surreal setting!

It's sort of like a moving collage. The models are depicted as dress up paper dolls, and there's the dancing that seems to be proliferating fashion advertisements of late. Although I don't think this Prada video has the charm of the Lanvin one. Perhaps if it had Pitbull rather than that jarring musical score I'd be a little more impressed!

The video's not all bad. The handbags and apparel are gorgeous, but it's a little hard to appreciate them when there's so much else going on. I also appreciate when a fashion house steps away from the traditional glossy ads filled with beauties with blank eyes. However with so many labels creating avante garde short films to sell their wares, I'm wondering whether videos like this are becoming the rule rather than the exception. What do you think of Prada's latest advertising video?

[Source: Fashionista]

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