Olivia Palermo Gushes About Her Hermes Birkin

Posted on: Apr 11

There are two kinds of bagistas in this world: those who own a Hermes Birkin and those that want to. The ultimate status symbol, buying a Hermes Birkin is something like a rite of passage for the modern fashion fan.

Socialite and star of The City Olivia Palermo recently told Vogue about the "fashion clique" she joined when she became a proud Hermes Birkin owner.

"It's a cliche, but I remember when I got my first Hermes Birkin," Olivia recalled. "It was such a pivotal moment - especially living in New York - to have received it. It was like joining a fashion clique and finally becoming one of the tribe. While I use it now occasionally, it always reminds me of how I’ve progressed stylistically and how cyclical fashion is."

It almost sounds like Olivia received her Birkin as a gift. Oh to be a socialite! If she's jumped the queue and scored a Hermes bag for nix I'm going to be eternally jealous!

[Source: Style By Me]
[Image Source: Porter Hovey/Wikipedia Commons]

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