Michael Kors Takes Supermodels Shopping for Resort 2010 Campaign

Posted on: Dec 9

Michael Kors' Asian-inpired Resort 2010 collection might be only just now available to buy, but the designer took his bags to the stores a while back when shooting the ad campaign.

The campaign continues the storyline of supermodels Carmen Kass and Noah Mills as jet-setting celebrities about town. After a trip down the velvet ropes of Broadway for fall/winter 2009, Kass and Mills' Michael Kors personas are taking a break from the bright lights of celebrity to go shopping.

This particular shot from the campaign features the sophisticated Uptown Astor Shoulder Tote, in addition to the blonde beauty holding the handbag and her handsome companion. The duo appears to be picking out the purse in a Michael Kors boutique or possibly just carrying one around as they shop while also decked out in the designer's clothing and other accessories. Either option seems a tad cliche to me, but the handbag and the models are attractive enough to make for an appealing picture.

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