Madonna’s Louis Vuitton Fashion Ad Revealed

Posted on: Dec 4

This is our first look at Madonna's sexy new ad campaign for Louis Vuitton. She may be 50 years old, but you wouldn't know it looking at those legs!

This is the first of six French-inspired images shot by Madonna's good friend and regular photographer Steven Meisel. They were taken inside Los Angeles' Café Figaro, a setting that seems tailor-made for these vintage looking photographs.

The fashion house's creative director Marc Jacobs was inspired to make the Material Mom his next muse after seeing her Sticky & Sweet concert in Paris.

"I was totally just blown away by it, and moved by her performance, by what she had to say, and her energy."

So he tapped out a message to the star on his Blackberry. She responded with just three words: "I'd love to."

There were suggestions that Madonna pocketed a whopping $10 million for the gig, but Louis Vuitton's director of communications, Antoine Arnault, denied this.

"It's very far away from that," he said.

Whatever Louis Vuitton paid, it looks like it was worth every cent! The ad campaign is set to appear in fashion mags in February, the same time as Sean Connery's Core Values commercials.

[Source: The Bag Lady]

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