Louis Vuitton’s New Epi is Magic Advertisements | Claire Courtin-Clarins Stars in Colorful Ad Campaign

Posted on: Mar 6

Louis Vuitto Epi Ad

French heiress Claire Courtin-Clarins shows off the streets of her Paris hometown and Louis Vuitton's latest Epi bags in the French fashion house's latest advertising campaign, dubbed Epi is Magic.

The Epi has been one of Louis Vuitton's most enduring lines since its introduction in the 1980s. Personally I find its woodgrain inspired texture much more appealing than Louis Vuitton's popular signature materials. It's unusual to see such a timeless line starring in its own commercials, but some modern new colors mean it's time to take another look.

Those hues really outshine Claire Courtin-Clarins and the Parisian backdrop in these commercials. The model and streets are muted, which allows the new colors including cyan canard, fuchsia, menthe green, prune purple, and citron yellow to shine. This youthful color palette transforms recognizable styles like the Alma, Petit Noe, and Tricolore Noe into fresh new fashion statements.

Claire Courtin-Clarins holds her own in these striking commercials, but I'm more impressed with photographer Fabrice Laffont's contribution. His advertisements are so creative, yet they never get so clever that we lose sight of the handbags. And after all, no matter which celebrities are employed to accompany them, those accessories should be the stars of any advertising campaign.

What do you think of Louis Vuitton's latest advertising effort?

[Source: Become Gorgeous]

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