Louis Vuitton’s Magical Winter 2009 Campaign Pays Tribute to Fairytale Writer

Posted on: Nov 26

Louis Vuitton has injected a touch of whimsy into its winter 2009 campaign. The French fashion house stays true to its classic image with these advertisements which pay tribute to Charles Perrault.

While you might not recognize the name, I know you know Charles Perrault's work. The French writer became regarded as one of the greatest storytellers in the world after penning beloved fairytales Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots and Cinderella. He died in 1703, but these tales live on as generation after generation of children discovers them.

Louis Vuitton recreates the magical worlds of Charles Perrault, with vivid blue backgrounds, secret gardens, enormous spiderwebs, and plenty of tiny animal friends. Peeking through the keyhole here, I'm also impressed with some of the new bag designs with deviate from those classic shapes plastered with tedious brown and tan signature print. Perhaps there's a little pixie dust in the Louis Vuitton factory?

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