Louis Vuitton Releases Animania Collection of Small Accessories | Includes Animal-Shaped Coin Purses and Clutch Bags

Posted on: Jan 5

Louis Vuitton must have a finger on the pulse of kitschy cute fashion because their new Animania collection hits right on the increasingly popular appeal of vintage-inspired, woodland creatures and various feathered friends.

This new line of small accessories actually pays tribute to a selection of wooden animal-shaped toys that the Vuitton family made and that Renée, the wife of Gaston-Louis Vuitton, lovingly collected many decades ago. So, in honor of her collection, Louis Vuitton has created this new line of whimsical products all proudly displaying the brand's famous logo.

Within the Animania collection, you'll find an assortment of coin purses, tiny clutches, bag charms, and silk scarves. The animal shapes throughout the line include a squirrel, rooster, songbird, and bunny. Prices range from $220 for the scarf to $500 for the coin purses.

That's a pretty penny to pay for such small pieces, but I'm guessing that LV fans with money to spend will find these accessories irresistible. They are, after all, très adorable.

[Source: ilvoelv]

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