Louis Vuitton Boasts Impressive Financial Numbers Despite Continued Economic Crisis

Posted on: Jul 29

People might be making a lot of cutbacks and tightening the proverbial belt as of late, but it doesn't appear to be slowing down fashion designer label Louis Vuitton.

This powerhouse of a brand has continued plugging along and bringing in the sales. Perhaps they aren't as outrageous as past numbers, but LV actually scraped together a 7 percent profit in same-store sales, specifically on fashion and leather goods.

That's impressive considering that some companies like Christian Lacroix are on the edge of disaster and near liquidiation without financial backing. Even the chief of Louis Vuitton's umbrella company, LVMH, is impressed by the numbers calling it "particularly remarkable given the global economic crisis."

I guess it doesn't hurt sales to have fashion geniuses like Marc Jacobs and celebrities like Madonna working for you.

[Source: NY Mag]
[Image: jpellgen/Flickr]

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