Sneak Peek of Newest Louis Vuitton Ads Featuring Madonna | Signature Logos and Fishnets Abound

Posted on: Jun 27

Well, it's not the official release yet, but here's a possible first look at the upcoming Louis Vuitton ads with international pop star Madonna.

Though boy toy Jesus Luz is nowhere in sight, as rumors had previously suggested, we've still yet to see the rest of the photos from the campaign. Instead, here we have nearly half of the ad covered in an enormous Louis Vuitton logo satchel.

The large handbag is nearly outshined by Madonna's impossibly incandescent skin, which I can only assume is the result of creative lighting or clever photo editing. The singer actually looks quite calm and peaceful, though. Perhaps she's meditating or just obeying creative direction to act like a porcelain doll. I'm not sure.

We even get another look at the infamous LV bunny ears and fingerless fishnet gloves, which she modeled recently at the Met Ball. I'm not digging the ears much, but I could definitely go for the tote. At least, it leaves me itching to see more from the campaign.

[Source: My Fashion Life]

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