Kate Spade Does Kindle Covers | Classic Novel Printed E-Reader Cases

Posted on: Jan 3

Kate Spade Kindle Covers

Many of our favorite designers have created laptop bags and iPod pouches, but covers for our e-readers are less common. Kate Spade has happily bucked the trend with her retro collection of Kindle cases.

You might recognize the designs from the Book of the Month clutches we reviewed a few months earlier. Those purses were really for the most avid of bookworms, but these Kindle covers have a much more universal appeal. Only the quirkiest of fashionistas could look right carrying a book-like purse when stepping out. But wrapping your e-reader in a homage to your favorite novel makes a lot of sense.

For me the biggest stumbling block is the price. Plain leather Kindle covers cost around $40, but this canvas alternative costs much more at $85. It might have a designer name attached and a fun print, but the material is nowhere near as luxurious as the more affordable option. This Kindle cover might be strictly for Kate Spade fans, don't you think?

[Source: Holycool]

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