Jimmy Choo’s Handbag Fight Advertisement | Magdela Fracowiaka & Jamie Bochert Argue in Spring 2012 Ad

Posted on: Jan 10

Jimmy Choo Spring 2012 Advertisement

I can really sympathize with models Magdela Fracowiaka and Jamie Bochert, the stars of Jimmy Choo's spring 2012. If anyone tried to take that colorblocked satchel from my clutches, I'd probably fight them for it too!

Acclaimed photographer Terry Richardson captured the squabbling beauties for this technicolor advertising campaign. The label says it was inspired by the glamour of the Mediterranean and its cinematic screen sirens of the 1970s. Think Gina Lollabrigida, Claudia Cardinale, and Sophia Loren. The commercial is obviously designed to sell clothes and that argument-inspiring satchel, but it also explores the passion of the female psyche and women's propensity for rivalry. There's no solidarity here; it's every girl for herself!

Given the advertisement's concept, I wish we saw a bit more fire from Fracowiaka and Bochert. I'm sure I'd be able to snatch the handbag away from either of them without too much of a struggle. It's almost as if they're worried about losing their looks if they really commit to the conflict. I imagine the juxtaposition of the perfectly proper continental country estate and the quarreling models would have been even more dramatic if they'd really let loose.

This is a really interesting advertising campaign from Jimmy Choo, but it also feels a little half-baked, don't you think?

[Source: La Moda]

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