Jil Sander Oversized Leather Shoulder Bag | Minimal Black Bag With Sleek Menswear Styling

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Jil Sander has been killing it lately on the runway. Her uniquely minimal, menswear-inspired designs are dominating the fashion scene. What I like about Jil Sander is that throughout the years and trends she has always remained true to her clean, pared down design sensibilities.

This bag really epitomizes the Jil Sander look. It is as though the supple black leather has just been smoothed into a sleek geometric design. This bag may look flat in the picture, but in reality, it’s huge. 20″ x 17″ x 9″ is big enough for a day of work with a laptop and accessories. But it sort of folds into itself, so if it isn’t full, it will lay nicely against the body, instead of puffing up all around you.

The diamond-shaped design is set off by the low placement of the front pocket, which fastens with a snap to keep your keys close at hand. The zipper runs lengthwise (front-to-back), so it avoids the sharp corners that would make zippering awkward.

Everything about this bag is practical, except the price. At $2,195, I just think it’s too much for what is basically a work bag. Supple-skinned bags are a less practical investment than harder leathers simply because they wear out quickly. And I would want to shove everything in this bag and take it everywhere, so it would definitely wear out in no time. Overall, it’s a great bag, just not a great price.

More Features Of The Jil Sander Oversized Leather Shoulder Bag

  • Fully lined interior
  • Two internal pouch pockets
  • Internal zipper pocket
  • 9″ handle drop

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