Jil Sander Drawstring Purse | Black Leather Pleated Bag

Posted on: Jun 25

Jil Sander has dressed up the drawstring bag with this cute purse.

While so many drawstring handbags are relaxed affairs, the black leather finish of this one makes it a more versatile choice. You probably wouldn't take it to your next picnic, but you could easily bring it to the office, and then to happy hour after work!

The drawstring threaded through the top of the purse adds security, while creating those sexy pleats. They are clearly the centerpiece, with the rest of the bag's design basic and neutral. But look closely and you’ll see the Jil Sander name embossed in the corner.

I love the look, but the details are a little disappointing. The drawstring handles are so thin that I'm sure they'd be uncomfortable if your bag was full. It's not very large, but even that medium-sized space is bound to get hefty once your wallet, cell phone, and other essentials are packed inside. They're so skinny, I'm not sure they'd last very long either. And anyone who's ever suffered the indignity of a snapped strap knows there's nothing worse on a day out!

I'm also unimpressed by the lack of organizational features. Sure the bag isn't enormous, but I'm the kind of girl who wants to find my cell phone as soon as it rings. A couple of pockets in the side walls would have made the interior a much more functional space.

It's got its flaws, but if it's style you're after this is still a tempting proposition.

More Features of This Jil Sander Pleated Purse

  • Dual handles with a 7.8 inch drop
  • Measures 8.2 x 7.4 inches
  • Comes with a dust bag

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    I want the Fernwood drawstring handbag, but, what is the code for free shipping.

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