Jessica McClintock Flowers Clutch | Feminine Purple Rose Purse

Posted on: Jan 16

Ooh, I don't half love a bit of purple. This jewel-like shade is always a high street favorite, and never fails to look elegant and regal.

Jessica McClintock uses those elegant connotations to their very best effect with this sleek Flowers clutch. Soft and wavy satin roses always look great, and they also offer the opportunity to coordinate with suitable floral jewellery and even a fancy corsage! They are perfect for classic evenings out and posh dos!

The shape of this rose purse is pretty typical of smart little evening bags. Whilst its storage and such are as expected, however, at least Jessica McClintock added something a little different in the shape of the wavy fold-over closure! In combo with the slight ruching, I find I actually love this purse! It's cheap, inoffensive, and delicate!

More Features of this Jessica McClintock Rose Clutch

  • Available in seven different colors
  • Matching interior lining
  • Optional matching shoulder strap
  • Simple interior slip pocket

Get this Affordable Satin Purse:

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One Response

  1. Rose Says:

    Wow…Jessica McClintock Flowers Clutch looks awesome. The give away look is so cute. Wish If I could gift it to my girl friend this Valentine.

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