J. Tiras Beverly Purse | Glitzy Crystal Embellished Evening Bag

Posted on: Jun 1

We've drooled over J. Tiras' pretty clutch purses, and now we see what the designer can do with a shoulder bag. The Beverly is a great option for girls who prefer a hands-free accessory when they're hitting the town.

The simple boxy shape is jazzed up with thousands of tiny, sparkling crystals. The glittering gems complement the gleaming metallic body, but what a shame there aren't more of them. The back is painfully bare, so make sure you check which side you're carrying before you step out!

It might be a shoulder bag, but it doesn't afford us any more space than a clutch would. It seems like a bit of a missed opportunity at first, although I suppose evening accessories should be more delicate than their daytime equivalent. It's a shame though that we don't have a little more room for our evening essentials!

At $300 the Beverly is a little steep if you plan on carrying it after five. But if you've got the confidence to add this sparkling accessory to your daytime wardrobe, it might be worth the price.

More Features of This J. Tiras Shoulder Bag

  • Push lock top closure
  • Velvet lined interior
  • Dual metal mesh shoulder straps
  • Extra stones
  • Measures 3 x 1.7 x 3.7 inches

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