iSkin’s Stylish New Technology Accessories | Q.West Puffy Quilted Gadget Bags

Posted on: Feb 13

Q.West Taylor Tote Bag

iSkin turned our heads with its sophisticated and high-tech Aura iPad cases, and it's impressed us again with its latest feminine line. The Q.West collection combines the fashion-forward, feminine looks we crave with all the practicality we demand.

The Q.West accessories look oh so cute with their bright matte colors and puffy quilted finishes. That finish is made of Italian nylon, which while not very luxurious is tough and affordable. In hues like purple, teal, and red I hardly care that the bags aren't as opulent as many of their peers.

This is another Mac focused collection from iSkin, with bags made for iPads and MacBooks. However the more generic travel bags and camera purses should please the PC lovers out there.

It's refreshing to see a range of tech accessories focused on the ladies rather than the lads. Goodness knows most of us are just as addicted to checking e-mails on the run after all!

You'll find the Q.West accessories at selected retailers and the iSkin website.

[Source: iSkin website]
[Image courtesy of iSkin]

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