Hermes Birkin Sells for World Record Price | Vintage Rouge Moyen Bag Sold in Christie’s Auction

Posted on: Dec 12

Hermes Birkin AlligatorA vintage Hermes Birkin bag broke records recently when it became the most expensive handbag ever sold through London auction house, Christie's.

The 1998 Rouge Moyen Birkin, made from alligator skin, was sold for a staggering £49, 000.

That's a significant increase from the Birkins' recommended retail prices, which average between $9000 and $15, 000. Most handbags decrease in value once they leave the shop floor, but the Birkins happily buck the trends.

"They're more comparable to collectable works of art. We are talking about the absolute ¬pinnacle of heritage luxury," Rebecca Lowthorpe, UK Elle magazine's fashion features director, told The Daily Mail.

"The animals from which they get the skins are virtually made by Hermès! There are no machines in the production process, so we're talking about tradesmen with 30 years of experience in the Hermes workshop, making one bag from start to finish."

You've got to wonder about the kind of person that spends that kind of money on a used handbag. But then again, a Birkin is no ordinary bag!

[Image Source: The Daily Mail]

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