Helena de Natalio Brandi Bag | Retro 80s Patchwork Convertible Clutch Purse

Posted on: Apr 26

As you look around the modern world, it's often hard to remember that it's 2010. After all, Spandau Ballet, Tears for Fears, and Huey Lewis and the News are touring the world, big shoulder pads are back in vogue, and purses like the Brandi from Helena de Natalio are all the rage!

This purse channels the 80s with its vibrant geometric patchwork flap. This flap really is the star of the show, with its contrasting colors and textures. On a different bag the pairing of suede, embossed snake, and cowhide might look confused but its flamboyance is perfect for this retro look. The 1980s were all about decadence and excess after all!

But Helena de Natalio generally knows when enough is enough. She keeps the shape simple, and the rest of the body unadorned so nothing competes with this colorful patchwork display.

Well, nothing except for the Brandi's interior. I rarely mind which lining a designer chooses, but this 70s paisley print is all wrong for this bag. My criticism is about more than clashing decades. The colors just don't work together, and neither do the patterns. A plain black fabric may not have been as exciting, but it would have been a much more soothing choice.

The detachable handle is a more inspired choice. This easily takes the Brandi from a shoulder bag to a clutch. The purse's dimensions help it function just as well as both; I'd wear it to the mall during the day, then clutch it old-school when hitting the clubs.

I'd hesitate to spend $400 on this purse as I'm not sure how long the 80s revival will last, but if you think you can rock it once the fad has passed then be my guest!

More Features of This Helena de Natalio Patchwork Clutch

  • Made of leather
  • An interior zip pocket
  • Measures 13 x 16 x 7 inches

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