Abstract Patchwork Neon Tote | Zebra Print Eighties Hold-all

Posted on: Aug 20

It feels strange writing about a handbag that isn't created by any real brand at all. However, I couldn't resist talking about a tote that hits so many popular trends all at once!

Firstly, with crafting, quilting and patchwork make-do-and-mend style becoming increasingly popular, this patchwork tote is just the thing that craft conscious girls may be looking for. Add eighties style neon brights that will go brilliantly with your funky shoulder pads, and dash of unnecessary contrasting zebra print, and there aren't many fashions left to be incorporated.

Of course, this isn't a tote for girls who want to blend in. In fact, anyone in a serious location, such as work or a date - watch out! This is a fun eye catching design that begs for attention - and as much of it will be bad as good. Somewhat like Marmite, I predict that you will either love this, or hate it!

If neon patchwork is your thing, and channelling eighties wildness is what you do, however, then this synthetic leather bag is actually great fun. Citrus orange, pinks, glossy browns and vibrant greens. The interior, thankfully, sticks with simple safe black, meaning that anything can get spilt and the damage should be minimal.

The bad points about this abstract totes are fairly self explanatory. The eye-watering shades will be too much for many, most colors will clash, and the luxuries are definitely a little scarce. In you feel like having impractical fun on a credit crunch budget, however, then this 80's tote will be ideal!

More Features of this Neon Leather Tote

  • 7inch dual strap handles
  • Chrome hardware
  • Interior zipped pocket
  • Reinforced joins

Get this Vibrant 80's Zebra Print Hold-all:

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