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Posted on: Dec 15

While most of us are still rugging up against the cold, the fashion world is already looking towards spring. As the weather warms, those with their fingers on the pulse have begun to predict which handbags will make us hot under the collar.

Spring fashions this year will reflect more than the season. They're also a product of the current economic climate. That means It bags are out and both classic designs and limited edition purses with heirloom potential are in. Read on for a closer look at the hottest handbag looks for next season.


When it comes to color, anything goes. The trend for classic looks favors conservative tones, including black and dark shades of brown and gray.

But you don't need to play it safe, with plenty of bags rebelling against the doom and gloom of the financial crisis. Bold sweet and sour candy shades, delicate pastels, earthy Aztec tones, and the vintage hues of the 70s are all set to make an appearance in spring.

This season's prints have an artistic influence, with watercolor blurs, sweeping landscapes, and subtle textured designs all set to turn heads. Florals are a perennial favorite at this time of year, and 2010 isn't likely to be any exception to that rule.


It seems the oversized totes and teeny-tiny clutches that have plagued practical purse lovers may be on the way out. Spring ushers in a new era where handbags are again regarded as a woman's ultimate daytime companion, always on hand to deliver just what she needs.

This emphasis on functionality sees the return of the shoulder bag. They'll only be large enough for the essentials, and come complete with wide, comfortable straps. It's music to my ears! Carrying the handbags slung over the shoulder gives an elegant, classic look, although many shoulder bags will also come with a longer cross-body strap for a more casual appearance.

They never really went away, but totes will return to the top of the fashion heap. The emphasis will again be on practicality, so expect to see generous internal compartments and a plethora of exterior pockets. The handles won't be too long or too short, allowing women to choose whether they prefer over-the-shoulder carrying or hand-held toting.

They may not fit the spring taste for functionality, but so long as there are parties to attend women will carry clutch purses. This season we can expect the evening bags to match our attire, with decorations and fabrics carefully complementing our favorite dresses.


Alternative lifestyles continue to influence the fashion landscape. While the flower power 60s will continue to have a presence, newer fashions will explore other counter culture movements. Look out for casual messenger bags and plenty of khaki as the 1990s grunge era comes back with a vengeance. For a smarter look, consider the artsy vibe of the Beatniks. Both movements are slated for a fashion resurgence this spring.

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