Galliano Does Hunter S. Thompson | Christian Dior’s Diffusion Line’s Fear & Loathing Advertisement

Posted on: Jan 16

Galliano Spring 2012 Advertisement

John Galliano exited Christian Dior in a booze-fueled haze of controversy, so it's interesting to see the its diffusion line's latest advertising taking inspiration from another drunk renegade. The spring 2012 campaign for Galliano pays tribute to acclaimed yet controversial gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

Benhamin Eidem is modeled after Raoul Duke, the autobiographical title character of Thompson's novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Just as Johnny Depp did in the film adaptation, Eidem smolders from underneath his bucket hat and yellow lensed aviator sunglasses. Despite meeting some notable women, Duke never had a sidekick. Perhaps if he did she'd look something like Constance Jablonski, who cuts a dramatic figure in her Hawaiian print dress, oversized clutch purse, and wedge heels.

Looking at this attractive twosome makes me want to pack my bags for my own Las Vegas road trip. The commercial really captures the warm weather ahead and sells the clothes and accessories really well.

But does anyone else find it a little strange that a line previously headed by a loud-mouthed loose cannon with a drinking problem is now paying homage to a figure so similar? While Hunter S. Thompson wasn't exactly sympathizing with Nazis he certainly never shied away from controversy.

What do you think of Galliano's latest advertisement?

[Source: Racked]

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