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Posted on: Jun 4

The Row Handbags

Celebrity twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have given us a sneak peek at their first collection of handbags for their high-end fashion label The Row.

Frankly, I'm feeling a little uninspired by the images I've seen so far. While the ostrich skin of the Twin Mini Bag and the alligator used for the Metal Frame Clutch are lovely, the designs seem a little generic. There's something to be said for classic styling, but these purses could have come from any fashion house. They seem to be executed by numbers, without any real passion. Considering some of the fabulous purses we've seen the Olsen twins carrying in the past, I frankly expected more originality.

The prices are also exorbitant. I expect to pay through the nose for exotic materials, but even the regular leather handbags cost a few months rent. The cheapest purse costs a whopping $4,700 and the most expensive one will set you back $5,800. Ouch!

If you can see something I can't in The Row handbags I'd start saving now. They'll hit stores in late July. Are you as unimpressed by these bags as I am, or can you see some creativity in Mary-Kate and Ashley's new line?

[Source: The Fashion Spot]

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  1. K. Alan Ball Says:

    …not at all inspiring or compelling. This “collection” does not represent classic, or modern luxury, hence doesn’t command or deserve exclusive pricing. Thus far, lacking passion, heritage, craftsmanship and a basic ‘reason for being’, this collection exudes ego, pseudo-celebrity snobbery…for which, there may be a small market. I prefer Hermes, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Dior or even Coach.

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