Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen’s New Handbags | The Row Releases Fall Accessories

Posted on: Feb 14

Olsen Twins StarMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's luxe The Row collection will have a brand new addition this fall: handbags!

The stylish twins have created purses that are every bit as opulent as the rest of their pieces, including crocodile clutches, a petite satchel dramatically covered in ostrich feathers, and a unique Twin purse. This unusual piece is actually two small bags sewn together to create one handbag. This quirky design allows women to flip the Twin over for two different looks.

The Olsens say their line was inspired by the luxury and sense of whimsy seen in family friendly animated films Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Triplets of Belleville.

"When we styled the pieces, we knew that we wanted it to be item-based, so it could be mixed and matched," explained Ashley Olsen said. "We wanted each piece to stand alone."

"I think fashion should have a sense of humor," Mary-Kate Olsen said, noting the range's sunny yellow shades. "We wanted people to smile."

Many fall fashions are heavy and bit gloomy, so I'm thrilled to see the Olsen twins lightening things up and offering a more playful alternative. Are you looking forward to seeing their handbags?

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]
[Image Source: Jsmjr/Flickr]

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