Fendi Works with Hawaiian Artists | Fatto a Mano for the Future Launches

Posted on: Aug 12

Fendi LogoFendi's teaming up with Hawaiian artists Eli Baxter and Aaron Padilla to launch the Fatto a Mano for the Future platform. The initiative, which translates to "handmade for the future," will see Fendi collaborate and support up and coming modern artists.

The program will begin with two two-day events at some of Fendi's Hawaiian stores. Today and tomorrow Eli Baxter will work with Fendi's Italian artisans at the Ala Moana boutique between 11 am and 8 pm. On August 14 and 15 the program will move to Fendi Royal Hawaiian. Between midday and 9 pm you can see the folk from Fendi working with Aaron Padilla. The artisans will work together to create modern pieces that combine the artist's signature style with Fendi's classic sensibility.

I'm predicting that we'll see some really interesting things. Both artists have incorporated Fendi Selleria bag leather into their pieces. However Eli Baxter loves to upcycle modern items like bike tires, while Aaron Padilla prefers to work with wood and other organic elements.

During the events customers can schedule a private appointment with the visiting Fendi craftsmen, who will create made to order Fendi Selleria bags. No doubt these customized handbags won't come cheaply, but with 20% of the event's proceeds benefiting the University of Hawaii's Art Department at least you can feel better about the splurge!

[Source: East Oahu Sun]
[Image Source: Michael Gray/Flickr]

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