Elegant Santi Jewelled Silk Purse | Slouchy Beaded Designer Evening Bag

Posted on: Aug 17

In true Santi style, this elegant evening purse is a riotous affair of classy beading, detailed embroidery and slouchy refined quality. Following in the footsteps of this bright and cheery Santi purse, this is yet another 20's style beaded beauty to keep you company through winter.

I particularly like the sophisticated and unusual colors that this luxury designer has chosen for this slouchy clutch. Like glimmering jewels, they are all colors associated with elegance and high-class. My favorite is the bright and sexy ruby red, but they also produce emerald and sapphire colors, as well as a thoroughly royal deep purple shade.

Whilst the design is synonymous with casual yet classy Santi style, I do have to comment on the fact that this purse does look slightly like a strange underwater creature! As long as it remains nonpoisonous, however, I can probably get past the over-the-top shape and decoration and learn to love its beaded brilliance!

As always with beaded bags, you are guaranteed to feel a little bit 20's flapper girl with this clutched by your feminine side. Be careful to pair it with the right clothes, as over-dramatic coordination will result in a look that is a little bit "too much". However, if you wear it right this clutch with its sumptuous satin interior will see you all the way.

This is a dramatic and elegant evening bag that would look totally out of place in the light of day. Be careful with it; it's fragile!

More Features of this Santi Beaded Clutch

  • Optional slender chain handle
  • Matching satin interior
  • Beaded & sequined silk exterior
  • Kiss lock closure
  • Available in four colors

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