Slouchy Santi Clutch | Colorful Beaded Silk Purse

Posted on: Jun 14

As with all Santi clutches, this little beaded number stands out from a crowd. Thee is no overall theme in the Santi brand (unless you count individuality), but this slouchy clutch hits tribal and beaded trends right on their pretty little heads.

So what makes this bag worth buying? For me, I adore the uneven and unplanned smattering of cuboid and round plastic beads sewn all over the exterior. In a mish-mash of colors, they offer plenty of scope for coordination, all sitting on a gentle blue woven silk background.

The components of this bag may seem childish or even (god forbid) tacky, but that is the aim the designer is going for. I doubt this handbag wants to do anything but have fun! The materials themselves are luxurious, take the silk fabric as an example.

For a handbag as original as the craftspeople that make it, this bright and exciting number is probably just the thing for you!

More Features of this Slouchy Beaded Purse

  • Crafted by master silk workers
  • Vintage shape with modern materials
  • Kiss lock closure
  • Optional straps

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