Dutch Company Henk Sells Handmade Luxury Luggage for $20,000

Posted on: Aug 25

When you hear the phrase luxury luggage, I'm guessing that visions of Louis Vuitton cases flash through your mind. Although the brand's famously monogrammed travel bags seems to be a popular choice among jet-setting celebrities, they are certainly not the only ones in the business of expensive luggage.

A company named Henk, which is based in the Netherlands, gives people another option for traveling in style. Luxurious is hardly a strong enough adjective to describe this brand's product. It's downright swanky.

This futuristic-looking suitcase rings in at an astounding $20,000. However, I suppose the price is justified by the handmade, completely unique and technologically advanced product you get. Its super lightweight design is compact enough to meet IATA regulations for carry-on luggage but with convenient features like retractable wheels and a central locking system. I guess all of this accomplishes Henk's mission to "fulfil the dreams and desires of those who find space, money and time to enjoy the beautiful things in life."

The options are practically endless for customizing your own suitcase. Besides choosing between things like glossy carbon fibre or ostrich-embossed calfskin for the outside, you can also personalize your Henk by adding a name, monogram, or even logo to the design. I guess that's the benefit of each one being made by hand to your specifications. Talk about luxury!

It's a completely different style from other designer luggage like Louis Vuitton or Tom Ford's traditional alligator set but something that I'm sure will intrigue many a wealthy business man or woman with high demands, contemporary taste, and few grand to spend.

[Source: Luxist]
[Image: Henk]

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