Tom Ford Releases Luxurious, and Expensive, Alligator Luggage

Posted on: Jul 19

Recession? What recession? Tom Ford is one designer forging ahead with its ultra-luxe vision, despite the economic downturn.

The fashion house's latest decadent creation is a drool-worthy three-piece set of alligator luggage with matching gloves. And it can be yours for just $65, 000.

Of course Tom Ford knows that not everyone can splash around that kind of cash, so each piece is also available separately. The document portfolio is $11,900. The briefcase is $22,500. And the duffel bag is even pricier at $27,190 thanks to the gold engine-turned locking mechanisms. That makes the matching gloves seem like a steal at $3,230!

Those prices seem exorbitant, but Tom Ford justifies the costs by using only the best alligator skin. Each piece has been carefully selected for its stunning finish and symmetry. And unlike many designer bags, straps and other parts are also made from alligator rather than inferior leathers. Add the Italian heritage and superb craftsmanship, and you've got some pretty pricey purses!

[Source: Luxist]
[Image Source: Beadwoman/Flickr]

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