Drunk Kelly Brook Throws Up in Hermes Birkin Bag

Posted on: Mar 18

Let this be a lesson to you: alcohol and designer handbags don't mix. British actress and television personality Kelly Brook found out the hard way after a recent bender.

The Brit reportedly got so drunk that she ruined her Hermes Birkin bag, worth an estimated £1,600!

"I ended up being sick in it," the actress told Heat magazine. "I was gutted. But better in there than in the cab."

Umm, I'm sure many fashion fans would disagree with her there!

The 30-year-old says she was so upset that she sent her designer bag to Paris for repairs. I'm sure the vomity bag was a pleasure for those fine artisans to work with!

I'm sure we can all learn something from Kelly's misadventures. If you intend to have a big night out with the girls, then perhaps a cheap synthetic purse is a better accessory than a near priceless Birkin. These precious bags are much better carried when you are staying far away from the booze!

[Source: Mirror]
[Image Source: Guy Jaques/Wikipedia Commons]

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