Dialog Ltd. Village Embroidered Evening Bag | Acrylic Handle Vintage Style Clutch

Posted on: Nov 15

Dialog Ltd. Village Acrylic Handle ClutchHandbags this pretty are rare to come across, and this one is a cracker!

This vintage style purse embraces the decorative, delicate and antique all the way through. From the adorable embroidered country scene that shines brightly on the front, to the cute sculpted acrylic handle and clasp. Even the shape, with the soft pouch base and glittery metallic thread throughout, encompasses that vintage vibe.

Of course, that very vibe is likely to put many people off. The embroidery may just been too much, and it is definitely likely to be difficult to coordinate with outfits. Still, Dialog Ltd. has managed to create a vibrant effect, and love it or hate it you have to admit that this is a stand out purse.

Unusual and unique, this it a bag for those who like to be different.

More Features of this Dialog Ltd. Village Clutch

  • Embroidered village scene on one side
  • Bright patterned interior
  • Acrylic top clasp/handle
  • Single interior zip pocket

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