Dannii Minogue Hoards Handbags | Australian TV Star Shares Bag Collection Secrets

Posted on: Dec 9

Dannii MinogueAustralian television personality and sometimes singer Dannii Minogue is a hoarder, however her collection is one we'd all covet. Kylie's little sister told British Glamour magazine that she refuses to part with her designer purses, as she's sure she'll always find a use for them.

Echoing the sentiments of thousands of Ordinary Janes across the planet, Minogue says that unless her handbags are damaged "it feels like sacrilege to chuck them." She's clearly not afraid of being spotted recycling her fashion, as she continues that "If you loved them once, you'll surely have occasion to use them again."

Minogue also admitted that she doesn't mind splashing out, and that when she sees something she wants she doesn't mind waiting for it.

"I was on a 10-week waiting list for my beaded bag years ago, and it cost a bomb. I still love it."

Minogue also invests in good quality luggage for her travels between her native Australia and Great Britain, where she judges The X Factor. She believes that investing in the designer suitcases is great value, as the bags last for years.

"My Louis Vuitton roller bag was a 30th birthday gift, and it still looks brand new," said the 40-year-old. "I use it on every single flight I take. I can pack so much stuff in it and it takes the weight off my shoulders."

Her handbag collection might be a little flashier than our own, but this interview makes Ms Minogue seem not so different from the rest of us, don't you think?

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[Image Source: Acediscovery/Wikipedia Commons]

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