Dan W Random Reptile-Print Clutch | Multi-Colored Exotic Purse

Posted on: May 2

A combination of different colored reptile skin generally spells out design chaos for a handbag, but this Dan W Random clutch doesn't look as bad as it should.

In fact, especially from a distance, the patchwork layout of this bright patterned handbag looks more textured than over-the-top. The metallic red section of lizard print perhaps breaks up the muted color scheme, but it does add a fission of brightness and interest. It is, of course, very much a matter of personal taste, but fans of dramatic exotics may well find it to their style.

Aside from the interesting collection of textures and shapes, you have a basic envelope clutch here. You get a simple pouch and large flap closure, accompanied by a comfortable shoulder strap. The materials, of course, aren't luxurious, but this bag does only cost $69! You still get actual leather though!

Interesting, unusual, and probably hated by many people out there, this multi-colored purse is an exotic choice!

More Features of this Dan W Random Lizard Print Purse

  • Also available in a range of khaki shades
  • Coordinating exotic lining
  • Optional shoulder strap
  • Real leather exterior

Get this Multi-Colored Clutch:

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